For life coaches who want to go from “What content do I create?” to “I’ve got 4 weeks of content ready to post!"

Want to Know What Content to Create, So You Can Engage Clients?


Without the self-doubt, overwhelm, and indecision about what to post? 

Download this FREE PDF. Discover how to:

  • Understand your clients, create content they're interested in 
  • Create content consistently
  • Know what’s *good enough* to post. Tap into clients’ top problems
  • Dump content creation overwhelm
  • Show up online regularly, so you can engage with the right clients

Want to create content consistently?

Frustrated about knowing which problems to discuss on your website, social media, and with your email list?

After all, you want to create content that engages your Dream Clients. Yet, there are so many topics you could share, right? Where do you even start? You’re not alone! We’ve all been there.

I’ve got you covered. This free Cheat Sheet walks you step-by-step through a framework, so you can get 100% clear about your Ideal Clients. And how to uncover their top pain points.

That way, you can focus your content. You can share your expertise about problems that matter to your clients.

Create content your clients want, with confidence

If you’re procrastinating or avoiding writing content because you’re not sure where to start so you can market your coaching services, I'm glad you’re here!

The *Know Your Ideal Client* Cheat Sheet is designed just for you.

Because of the pandemic, your future clients are going to find you as a result of content you share on your website and on social media.

You want to reach, connect with your dream clients because you understand their struggles. You’ve been there, you’ve figured it out.

Today, you’re prepared to help clients become the better version of themselves they want to be, by sharing your hard-won knowledge.

This Cheat Sheet guides you to get 100% clear about the specific clients who want to make the transformation you offer.

Once you deeply know your Dream Clients, and talk directly to them in your content, you’ll stand out as the expert you are.

Escape the “getting started” stage, when creating your content. Show up consistently, with ease.

Your message won't be watered down, because you won't be trying to talk to *everyone* who has the problems you solve.

You stand out because your authentic voice comes through.                                                                                                                                                           

Imagine how you’ll feel…

… when people comment, connect with you because of something you posted or shared
… after you have an endless list of topics to write and talk about--that your Dream Clients are needing to to read and hear
… when you easily create content that speaks directly to your Dream Clients' desires.                                                                                                                     

Your dream clients will think, “Wow, she really gets me!”

Yay, you're getting the *Know Your Ideal Client* Cheat Sheet!

Because you want to create content your clients are looking for--without the stress, right?

You know that now, more than ever, your clients need your help and guidance.

You want to show up online regularly. You want to share your message and your content, so you can connect with the clients you love serving. 

This Cheat Sheet helps you do all of that!

My clients and students say they feel more confident about what to say on webpages, how to speak directly to Dream Clients, and which content topics to write about, after going through the Cheat Sheet. 

"I have been working through the '5 Steps to Know Your Ideal Client' Cheat Sheet. I used the information I came up with when I was putting together my updated website. I also used it as a guide for a presentation that I gave at a networking event."

~ Marguerite Smith, Aim to Organize, LLC