Free Cheat Sheet for Life Coaches Who Aren't Sure What Content to Post to Engage Clients 

Create Content Consistently

(Without the Overwhelm, Pressure, OR


 21 Practical Tips to Start Creating, So You Can Show Up Online + Post Consistently

Finally, be consistent with content because you’ll discover which topics clients are interested in

Know which of your potential clients to engage with first

Never wake up another morning thinking, “What do I post today?”


Practical, easy-to-follow advice, so you can create content AND take control over your time

Show up online consistently. Engage with people who are happy to pay for what you offer

Stop avoiding posting because of indecision about what to create 


Billie Frances - Guiding Mindful Change

Cynthia knows marketing for women! Her expertise has enriched my coach certification business and has helped launch successful coaching practices for our students. As a guest presenter during our Mindful & Meaningful Coach Certification course, Cynthia shares her unique and proven marketing tips. Students rave about her support, wisdom and kindness. I wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia Trevino for women entrepreneurs ready to clarify their ideal clients, improve their marketing messaging and powerfully move their lives and businesses forward.

Joanne Connell, Ph. D. - Flexible Work Solutions

I used to struggle to find content for my blogs and marketing, but now it’s so easy! I highly recommend working with Cynthia — she’s a true expert in content creation and communicating “how to” for people (like me) who aren’t marketing experts.

Gina Peccia - Licensed Professional Counselor 

Cynthia was such a valuable resource when creating my new website! I was struggling with narrowing down my content and Cynthia was both talented and concise. She explained the reasoning behind her recommended changes, and this allowed for both a successful message and my own learning!! I highly recommend her!

Stephanie Silbey - Charter Oak Preserving

Cynthia has the ability to help identify your ideal client/customer. Her methods guide you to speak your clients’ language with simple marketing content. Using her methods it is easy to create your own library of writing tools. I highly recommend Cynthia, she’s an excellent teacher and mentor.

Tamara Golden - Journey Work Retreats

Cynthia takes you well beyond the usual exercises or superficial strategies to the heart, soul and mind of your “avatar”. Hers is hands down the most comprehensive approach I’ve ever seen, and this comes from someone who incorporates this approach in the work I do with my own clients.

Luci McMonagle - Coach

Cynthia’s methods made it easy for me to understand my clients’ true pain points; now I have tangible headlines, themes and best of all a plan for success! I highly recommend Cynthia for creating your valuable content marketing planning system! She takes all of the struggle out of trying to figure it out.

Frances Naty Go - Goldlilys Media

Cynthia helped me focus my message to clarify what I can do and why I’m doing what I do for my desired clients. She helped me create Topic Starters for blogging which tends to be the hardest part in writing about my services and skills